Dust-X™ Grinding Bags

  • Infection Control
  • Safety
  • Convenience 

Introducing the Dust-X™ Grinding Bags: clear, see-through bags with openings for hands and tools, allowing for chairside denture and partial adjustments without contaminating the office environment with denture acrylic dust. 

Dust-X™ Grinding Bags reduce the need for large, expensive adjustment boxes in the offices' lab area.

Will be available for purchase beginning April 2019.

An introduction of Karrie Velky, RDH, the inventor of Dust-X:

Karrie has been a dental hygienist in Iowa for over 17 years. Since the very first job she had as a dental hygienist, every doctor she has worked for has had the same reaction after doing a denture or partial adjustment chairside. They walk out of their oppertory covered in contaminated, acrylic dust from head to toe. Not to mention what the room looks like when they are done. It creates such a huge mess, and their dental assistant is the one stuck cleaning it up! Karrie always wondered why there wasn’t something they could use to protect themselves, their
assistant, the patient, and the room from this contamination. Karrie wanted to make something to help and solve this long standing problem, and that’s how Dust-X came to be.


Type: Misc. Small Equipment

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